D Squared Java

D Squared Java is the Seacoast’s premiere espresso bar and coffee house. Our comprehensively-trained baristas brew the finest coffees from around the globe, thoughtfully sourced and freshly roasted by world-class roasters including CQ Coffee Roasters in Bedford. The result is a premium coffee that stands on par with the best cafes in the country – but we invite you to decide this for yourself.

D Squared Java maintains a commitment to innovation and excellence that extends to every part of our business. All of our pastries come fresh-baked from local companies; our chai is brewed in-house from scratch; and our milk comes from Hatchland Farms in Haverhill, one of the most respected dairies in the state.

The team at D Squared Java is dedicated to sustainability on both sides of the bar. This is why the majority of our waste is composted by our friends at Mr. Fox Composting. Much of the remaining waste is recycled, with very little trash ending up in the landfill.

D Squared Java is dedicated to crafting community in addition to quality. We host a monthly open mic night in addition to regular live shows, and we curate a fresh selection of art created by local talents (details on our Facebook page). Our café is a vibrant hum of conversation, as all walks of life gather to enjoy great coffee. From Philips Exeter Academy students to business professionals, world travelers to curious shoppers, all are welcome to swing by our shop, embrace the warmth and heavenly aromas, and learn a little bit more about coffee. Cheers!