The Story Behind the Painted Rocks

Have you noticed the painted rocks around Exeter? If you walk on Water Street or on Swasey Parkway you can’t miss them. This is all part of a new “scavenger-hunt-esque” game.

How do you become involved? First off, we recommend joining the #VisitExeterNHRocks Facebook group. Second, go rock hunting. If you find a painted rock, you can keep the rock, you can rehide the rock, or you can leave it where you found it.

Now that you found a rock or two, we are going to guess that you might be motivated to paint some rocks and add to the fun. Here are some basic supplies:

acrylic paints
paint brushes

Before you begin painting, you might want to wash your rock. After it is dry start painting. Let your imagination run wild. My favorite new rock I saw this week was a die, black paint, some white dots, and congrats, your rock is painted. Now, on the back side of the rock put the following: #VisitExeterNHRocks or if the rock is small, #VENHRocks. The use of the hashtag will lead new players to the game.

Now it’s time to seal the rock. Why seal it? Well the sealant will prevent the paint from cracking and peeling. Spray the rock with a clear urethane finish and do this outdoors or in a well ventilated area so you do not breathe the vapors (adults should do this part, not children).

If you don’t consider yourself an artist, how about a painted rock with an inspirational message? When all else fails, a smiley face, works really well. Whatever you choose to paint, make sure you have fun. Heck, it’s just a rock!

Is your rock painted, hashtagged, and sealed? If so, it’s time to hide your rock. Sounds simple, right? Well just make sure you are respectful and safe with your rock placement. Please also consider that it’s summer and lawns need to be mowed. We wouldn’t want a rock to damage a lawn mower.

Some of the more popular places we’ve seen the painted rocks are on stairs, window corners, planters, community gardens, gates, and fences. Please, don’t limit your hiding spots to the downtown area. We want everyone to enjoy the game. Don’t forget to hide a few in your neighborhood.

Hey, while you are out hiding or finding rocks, take pics and share on the Facebook group. Here’s the link.

Have fun and remember, Paint It, Hide It, Find It, Rock It!!!

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