Exeter’s Master Plan Workshop

Wednesday, January 25, the Town of Exeter is holding a public workshop to obtain input from you on the future of Exeter. This is part of the Town’s commitment to updating the master plan.

Over the past few years, you have been very open and honest with your vision for the town on our website. We are again asking for your input. Your comments will be shared with the Master Plan Committee.

If you voted in November, you may have participated in the sticky note project on “identifying something you would change or improve in Exeter over the next 10 years”. From this project some of the common themes were:

  •  increase/add sidewalks and create walkable areas
  • add infrastructure for biking
  • the redevelopment of the IOKA
  • affordable housing for elderly and young families
  • dog-friendly space

Do you agree with these? We certainly know from past posts that you are in favor of the redevelopment of the IOKA and many of you are eager for dog-friendly spaces. You can review the complete results from the sticky note project here.

This Wednesday’s workshop is at Exeter High School, registration begins at 6:00 and the workshop runs from 6:30-8:30. Light refreshments and snacks will be available. For your convenience there will be supervised kids’ activities.

Please don’t miss this opportunity to direct the future of Exeter. We look forward to reading your thoughts and ideas for the future of the town we call home.

3 thoughts on “Exeter’s Master Plan Workshop

  1. A sidewalk from Gary Lane or Patricia Ave to Pine Street along Court Street would encourage people in the Academy Estates and River Bend neighborhoods, along with the townhouse community, to walk to town. Right now the only option is walking in the breakdown lane, and the speed limit is 40 mph. The kids from the Academy and others run from town to loop down Patricia Ave, as occurred with the ymca turkey trot, but it isn’t safe. Gary Lane also lacks a full

  2. I have spoken to many people (and agree!)that feel the town needs to put some serious focus on the restaurant scene. There needs to be more options and diversity in the food selection and Exeter needs to get a reputation as a place to go for good food.

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