HERON – Historic Exeter Retail Owner’s Network

The independent business owners residing on Water Street, Lincoln Street and part of Front Street are the eligible members of the retail merchants group, HERON.

This group has been in existence for 5 years.  The group has completed several successful marketing campaigns including a coupon booklet, a tri-fold brochure and print/radio advertisements.

HERON members are very involved in the community.  The HERON Holiday Trolley has been in operation for three holiday seasons.  This festive trolley rolls the downtown streets a few nights during the holiday season, free of charge to the riders.  HERON also has been a big supporter of the Outdoor Cinema on Swasey Parkway.  Since 2012, a few movies have been offered on Swasey Parkway.

HERON has also supported the following organizations and events over the past few years:  The American Independence Festival, The UFO Festival, The Fall Festival, Ring in the Season, Seacoast United Way, 10 for 10 (PTO initiative), local food pantries and much more.