Exeter is a Top Ten Finalist in The Small Business Revolution – Main Street Series

We are one of 10 towns who may be featured in Season 3 of Small Business Revolution – Main Street.

What Does This Mean?

If we’re chosen as the featured town for Season 3, then the Small Business Revolution team would come to Exeter and work with six small busin

esses. SBR recognized that nowhere in America are small businesses more critical, and more under siege, than in our small towns. Their theory is if you work with those small b

usinesses, and in turn, those small towns, it will reignite the spark that drives them and keeps people coming back. The investment/prize is $500,000 to help with marketing, business plans, packaging, business advice, and much more. It is an amazing opportunity.

What Can You Do?

Much of this contest and enthusiasm for this contest is through social media channels primarily Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We have established a #MyExeter Facebook page for you to share photos and stories about what you love about Exeter especially the small businesses!

What’s Next?

The Small Business Revolution team is currently on the road touring the Top 10 towns. Exeter is the last town they are visiting, currently scheduled for January 25 and 26. After they visit the Ten Towns, the Top Five Towns will be selected. Once the Top Five are announced there is a public vote to pick the Town to be featured in Season Three.

Is This A Big Deal?

This is probably the biggest deal to come to town in some time. If you want to learn more about the Small Business Revolution program consider watching Seasons One and Two. The winning town in Season One was Wabash, Indiana and the Season Two winner was Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania.

Does Exeter Need This?

In our opinion, all brick and mortar stores could use this boost. Exeter is a prime candidate as SBR is looking for a town who is on the upswing only needing a little boost. $500,000 may sound like a lot of money but for a town that is struggling and not on the upswing, it is not nearly enough to make a dent. So, yes, Exeter does need this and it would be a great investment for Deluxe. Can’t you just imagine how amazing Exeter would look on camera?

Here is the link to the first two seasons. You’ll get the feel for the program by watching a couple of the episodes.