#VisitExeterNHRocks: Paint it, Hide it, Find it, Rock it

Community members are painting rocks to hide in and around the Exeter area to brighten people’s day. The concept is very simple: paint a rock (don’t forget to put #VisitExeterNHRocks to the back), seal the rock, and then hide the rock. People finding the rocks can keep it, take a photo of it and post to our social media, or leave it for someone else to find. All of these options are appropriate in this game. You will find that some people like to paint and hide the rocks and others like to find them.

In addition to brightening someone’s day, #VisitExeterNHRocks will get you using your creativity, painting the rocks, and enjoying the outdoors while hiding and searching for the rocks.

An Instagram account and a Facebook page have been established for you to post photos of rocks you’ve painted, provide hints of where you recently hid a rock, and announce when and where you found a rock. Photo are the best!

Supplies needed for painting rocks:
  • rocks (do not take rocks from parks that do not allow it)
  • acrylic paint
  • sealer (sealing the rocks prevents the paint from washing off and impacting the environment)
  • paint brushes
Other guidelines:
  • do not leave rocks in state or national parks
  • do not leave rocks in grassy areas (we don’t want rocks to get caught in a lawnmower)
  • do not attach anything to the rock (could break or fall off and become litter)
  • HAVE FUN!!!